parWinr is a video gamification engagement platform that enables businesses to transform video content into interactive consumer engagement experiences.  Our self-service authoring tool allows users to create compelling branded activities, including trivia, polls, pinboards (to ping text, images and links) and other fun ‘game’ elements synchronized to video play. Design self-branded versions to host where you like. Using parWinr, businesses can educate, entertain and sell products and services to consumers while also learning about their customers’ and gaining insight into their preferences and purchase intentions. For brand marketers parW... Read More

Welcome to Eureka Park News, an Interactive publication for all of our sponsors and exhibitors In the Eureka Park TechZone at the 2013 International CES to showcase their announcements and stories. This site will allow you to find, discover, share and buy everything new that is being launched at Eureka Park during the 2013 International CES.