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MirrorCase for iPad Debuts on Kickstarter

iPad case and app combo allows users to take photos and video from the horizontal position for easier use

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for RHP Multimedia Published On: 04.29.13 1.52 pm


RHP Multimedia Corp (RHPMM), creator of the popular MirrorCase line of iPhone cases and apps, today announces the launch of its MirrorCase for iPad Kickstarter campaign. Using the same innovation to capture images and video on your device from a more natural angle, the MirrorCase for iPad and MirrorCase app introduce features including an adjustable mirror, kickstand, smart lid and acoustic port. Additionally, an enhanced version of the accompanying app will allow users to take and share notes with recorded video.


 “Everyone knows how awkward it can be to take photos and video with an iPad, so we knew having a MirrorCase for the larger device was imperative,” said John Palmeri, President and CEO of RHPMM.


The MirrorCase design utilizes a high-quality first surface mirror to reflect back any image that is in front of the device while holding or resting it in a more natural, horizontal position. Composed of a sturdy plastic with rubber inserts for shock absorption, the case is coated with a soft-touch finish for comfortable grip and control.


MirrorCase should be used with the free MirrorCase app, which lets you record and shoot as you normally would.  This app automatically flips and inverts the image so it appears correctly on your screen. The corrected media is then saved directly to the iPad Camera Roll.


The iPad MirrorCase, with its new features, is perfect for recording meetings, lectures or interviews, as well as simply protecting your device and using your iPad at a more comfortable angle for reading and typing. New features will include:

·         Adjustable Mirror – The adjustable thumb wheel lets you tilt the mirror to the ideal angle (ex: steep lecture hall or front row at a dance recital). The first-surface mirror is protected by Gorilla® Glass with an anti-reflective coating.

·         Smart Lid – Giving the MirrorCase the ability to sleep or wake the iPad, the Smart Lid allows you to conserve battery power and protects the display with its fitted, soft rubber pads. The Smart Lid also includes 6 slots for positioning the kickstand as well as thumb grips for easy opening.

·         Kickstand – Allowing easy adjustment and up to six positions, the kickstand lets users position the iPad at the ideal angle for watching video, writing emails or browsing the web. The MirrorCase folds up quickly and can be stored in your carrying bag or comfortably held for when you’re on the go.

·         Acoustic Port – This feature redirects sound from the speaker, located on the back of the iPad, towards the user to improve sound quality.

·         Stylus Storage – Below the Acoustic Port is a storage compartment where you can stow away your stylus, pen or pencil.

The Kickstarter Campaign hopes to help fund a second version of the app with more features and functions to make the best use of MirrorCase For iPad.


Additional new app features will include:

·         Ability to simultaneously record video and take notes.

·         Share notes synced and video with other MirrorCase app users.

·         Convert notes to PDF file format.

·         Resize the video preview pane and move it anywhere on the screen while recording.

·         Dropbox and email integration allows users to share and backup files easily, as well as export notes as PDF documents.

·         Ability to adjust the video resolution and frame rate to conserve memory on the iPad.


The MirrorCase for iPad is available now for preorder on Kickstarter, with target availability and shipping late Summer 2013. MirrorCase for iPad Kickstarter backers can take advantage of deeply discounted pricing off the planned MSRP $79.95.


For more information on MirrorCase and the MirrorCase for iPad, or the back the project, visit KICKSTARTER.

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    1. MirrorCase allows you to take photos and video from a horizontal or prone position.
    2. Enhanced App for MirrorCase for iPad will help to increase functionality and make it a great resource tool
    3. MirrroCase for iPad with enhanced app is available on Kickstarter
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