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The Fastest Way to a Web API is From Database

SlashDB Adds Support for 3Scale API Management Service

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for VT Enterprise Published On: 08.22.13 8.58 am

SlashDB Adds Support for 3Scale API Management

We are pleased to officially announce that we have added support for 3Scale API Management service in SlashDB.

Powerful Technology Combination

With /db's capability to generate API on the Fly™ directly from databases this level integration creates the most powerful combo to quickly and reliably launch, manage and safeguard REST/HTTP APIs. API metering, billing and developer portal management are only some of the features that 3Scale's platform provides. But an API management service cannot build an API for you - that is what SlashDB does. Read Full Story...

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    1. Connect databases to HTML5 and mobile apps
    2. Monetize data assets online using API
    3. Overcome data silos with Resource Oriented Architecture

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